I am writing on behalf of my spouse. My wife, Sanjana has requested that I write comments concerning her Doctor. My wife's Laparoscopic procedures were performed in the Aman Hospital.

It should be noted from the beginning to the end everone at Aman Hospital were extremely professional. They explained the entire procedure to my wife and put my wife at ease. I and my spouse sincerely thank to the team at Aman Hospital. We could not have chosen a more compassionate and professional Physician. - Mr. Vikram Bhala

Several months ago, I started the process of looking for someone in the Panipat that had successfully performed Single Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair. After nearly a hundred of phone calls and emails, my search landed me on your doorstep. And from the moment I walked into your Hospital, I knew that I was going to be a good hands. - Deepka Bhandari

I've been coming to Aman Hospital for many years. The staff, surgeons and nurses are amazing. They don't rush you to leave the hospital they let you leave in your own time. The hospital is always clean and tidy." The day care laparoscopic surgery unit is amazing. Entire team is very professional, efficient but also good atmosphere and friendly staff. Well done! Thanks!" - Nisha Chaudhari

I feel that this is one of the most pleasant hospital for patients to come to in the Panipat. I have experienced a consisitently friendly and cheerful welcome from the receptionist, approachable and encouraging attitudes from the nursing staff, and a positive, caring atmosphere throughout the whole area.

I do not normally like coming to hospital for obvious reasons, however, the expert care and attention received in this hospital makes such a great difference. - Vikram Goswami


  • From the very begining of the pregnancy, I noticed a difference in the way everything is handled in Aman Hospital. Meeting Dr Saurabh can only be described as meeting a successful and yet down to earth person.

  • Was in delimna, where to have my baby. Frankly shopped a lot. My wife was a nervous wreck, specially with the experience of the first baby. What convinced us was the team of gynecologists and pediatricians under one roof.

  • Thankfully landed by luck one night in emergency at Aman hospital when her gynac was out of station. Best part was Dr Saurabh stay next door. I delivered my baby in half an hour!! Baby went to the NICU because of respiratory problems.