Age Vaccines Note
OPV zero 
 Hepatitis B -1 
6 weeks OPV-1 + IPV-1 / OPV -1 OPV alone if IPV cannot be given
 DTPw-1 / DTPa -1 
 Hepatitis B -2 
 Hib -1 
10 weeks OPV-2 + IPV-2 / OPV-2 OPV alone if IPV cannot be given
 DTPw-2 / DTPa -2 
 Hib -2 
14 weeks OPV-3 + IPV-3 / OPV -3 OPV alone if IPV cannot be given
 DTPw-3 / DTPa -3 
 Hepatitis B -3 Third dose of Hepatitis B can be given at 6 months of age
 Hib -3 
9 months Measles 
15-18 months OPV-4 + IPV-B1 / OPV -4 OPV alone if IPV cannot be given
 DTPw booster -1 or DTPa booster -1 
 Hib booster 
 MMR -1 
2 years Typhoid Revaccination every 3-4 years
5 years OPV -5 
 DTPw booster -2 or DTPa booster -2 
 MMR -2;The second dose of MMR vaccine can be given at any time 8 weeks after the first dose
10 years Tdap 
 HPV Only girls,three doses at 0,1-2 and 6 months
More than 6 weeks Pneumococcal conjugate;3 primary doses at 6, 10, and 14 weeks, followed by a booster at 15-18 months
More than 6 weeks Rotaviral vaccines (2/3 doses (depending on brand) at 4-8 weeks interval
After 15 months Varicella Age less than 13 years: one doseAge more than 13 years: 2 doses at 4-8 weeks interval
After 18 months Hepatitis A 2 doses at 6-12 months interval

1. The IAP endorses the continued use of whole cell pertussis vaccine because of its proven efficacy and safety.Acellular pertussis vaccines may undoubtedly have fewer side-effects (like fever, local reactions at injection site and irritability), but this minor advantage does not justify the inordinate cost involved in the routine use of this vaccine..

2. If the mother is known to be HBsAg negative, HB vaccine can be given along with DTP at 6, 10, 14 weeks/ 6 months. If the mother's HBsAg status is not known, it is advisable to start vaccination soon after birth to prevent perinatal transmission of the disease. If the mother is HBsAg positive (and especially HBeAg positive) , the baby should be given Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (HBIG) within 24 hours of birth, along with HB vaccine.

3.Varicella, Hepatitis A and Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccines should be offered only after one to one discussion with parents.Also refer to the individual vaccines notes for ecommendations.

***kindly confirm with doctor


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