Our efforts to improve our patient’s results have been rewarded by patients not only from Haryana and other parts of country but also abroad.

Obstetric Facilities

  • Complete antenatal care
  • Ultrasound GE Logiq C5, with linear, Abdominal & TVS probes, with Dopler
  • In hospital Laboratory
  • Fully equipped, clean and hygenic labor room with attached baby resuscitation unit and warmers
  • Facilities for all types of assisted labor
  • Facilities for painless labor
  • Cardiotocography for detecting early fetal distress


  • Complete endo gyane care.
  • TCRE, Hysteroscopic resection, ablation.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy for infertility patients
  • LAVH
  • Laparoscopic myomectomy
  • Laparoscopic salphingostomy, salphingectomy
  • Tubal recanalization surgeries
  • Tubal cannulation, fimbrio and tuboplasty for blocked tubes
  • Radical surgeries for cancer.

Infertility management

  • We follow the infertility protocols at par with the latest and the best
  • For male infertility Andrology clinic
  • Sperm washing for males with poor sperm quality and quantity
  • Facilities for intrauterine insemination

Cancer screening and Oncology

  • Colposcopy for patients with persistent discharge and unhealthy cervix
  • High resolution ultrasound machine with color and power dopler mode for early detection in small parts
  • Cancer screening by specialist
  • Tumor markers outsourced to the best of laboratory in country

General and Laparoscopic Surgeries

  • Fully equipped operation theater
  • Well trained OT staff
  • State of the art German and American products for patient monitoring, tissue adhesion and tissue dissection.
  • State of the art sterilization for OT and Instruments

Pain clinic

For patient’s with intractable pain, special procedures like acupuncture, permanent and temporary nerve blocks.

Immunization program for new born


  • From the very begining of the pregnancy, I noticed a difference in the way everything is handled in Aman Hospital. Meeting Dr Saurabh can only be described as meeting a successful and yet down to earth person.

  • Was in delimna, where to have my baby. Frankly shopped a lot. My wife was a nervous wreck, specially with the experience of the first baby. What convinced us was the team of gynecologists and pediatricians under one roof.

  • Thankfully landed by luck one night in emergency at Aman hospital when her gynac was out of station. Best part was Dr Saurabh stay next door. I delivered my baby in half an hour!! Baby went to the NICU because of respiratory problems.